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The Indian Queen is an all women organisation where we connect & collaborate with artistic women and help them conquer the field of creativity. The Indian ladies are not only good at taking care of their household but at the same time they are the most creative women and that is the reason they are the Queens of our hearts. We showcase the work of such ladies who are the Pandora Box of creativity.

Our Kitchen Queen's

Creative Queens

Good Read

Sweet & Spice, Everything Nice

Don’t get confused, we are not talking about the literal meaning of the proverb. Rather, we are r
creative hands

Each Craft is a Story

Creativity lies in each of us, all we need to do is little self-shaking so that it’s felt and

Pursue Your Passion

As a woman, it can be hard to put yourself before others. Society as a whole enforces the id

Customer Review

Bindu Gupta

It’s been two months I have been using The Indian Queen products, I have liked all their products so much that I have stopped buying the masalas from the market. Their Badam Milk Mix is the bestest and I am addicted to it… from milk to kheer … I use it in every sweetdish


Gratitude.. The Indian Queen. Found your products ultimate in purity and authenticity of taste. They add class to the kitchen and Vibrance to the platter . Multipurpose utility of Kebab masala and Kala masala Enable working Women like us to flaunt our Culinary skills. Completely addicted to the Turmeric Latte …a tasty way to Healthcare.

Salma Prabhu

I bought the turmeric saffron latte and tried it with some warm milk and honey. It is just heavenly. Feels awesome as it touches the palate and goes down the throat. Got a sample of sambar mix. I am waiting to try the same. Highly recommend the latte though.

Tanushi Mehrotra

I purchased turmeric latte and it’s really really anamazing product. Specially now a days as cough and cold is so common so you can have it in milk to protect yourself from the same. I use to give this to my 4 years old son and he loves it as it’s cardamom flavour makes turmeric milk more tasty.
I simply love it.


very nice products it’s best gift for my Family . she is really like it, she is very impressed

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