November 6, 2019

The core idea behind creating The Indian Queen is to provide a platform to our amazing women entrepreneurs, home-chefs and artisans.

While living and travelling across various cities in India, we have come across some inspiring personalities, women who are warm, affectionate and who are amazing in everything they do. Women with keen business sense and who constantly reinvent themselves. They are not only excellent problem solvers but also they have a never say die attitude. These amazing women have an ambition to grow bigger and better but sadly lack a proper support system to grow and realize their true potential. We have known these women closely as our mothers, aunties and office colleagues and wanted to do something about it. We wanted to give them a platform so that they can fulfill their dreams – dreams of  becoming an entrepreneur and becoming financially independent. With this idea in mind, we started the journey of The Indian Queen.

We are driven by our core values of quality, purity, authenticity and cleanliness. The thread that binds all the entrepreneurs and The Indian Queen is trustworthiness. We strongly believe in a holistic approach, we care for the environment, our culture and our heritage. There is no compromise on quality. We upcycle our clothes, we promote recycling but encourage reuse, hence we bring the spices in glass jars. We encourage hand-made products and support artisans. We remain true to our commitment to putting our heart and soul in our products. 

The TIQ exclusives food products remain closest to our heart as we live in a world where adulteration is rampant. The more we read about the adulteration and use of chemicals, the more determined we became to ensure that we will provide not only home-made items but also all the ingredients would be chemical free and free from all kinds of artificial preservatives and colors. We know the harmful effects of adulteration and chemicals on our health and we ensure that each and every ingredient is hand-picked, carefully washed, cleaned, dried and then used to make pickles, spice-mixes, chutneys.

We want to make a difference to the world in our own little way. We want to build a company that you can count on. Each and every product is hand-picked, each woman entrepreneur has a chance to create their own niche and grow.

We loved creating the Indian Queen and we hope you will love it as much!!

Crafted with Love, Born out of our hearts!!

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