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A perfect gift for a foodie who is health-conscious too.


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The Health Box is for Health Conscious foodie people. It is curated keeping in mind taste and health both. It is a perfect gift for foodie loved ones. The health box is a perfect Gift for birthdays, celebrations & special occasions to your loved ones.

The Health Box includes:

  • Peanut & Imli Chutney-Panchamrut (150g): Panchamrut is the peanut & imli chutney. It is sweet & tangy. This chutney is popular in Maharashtra. It is made on special occasions & celebrations in this state. Panchamrut is a perfect companion for your meals & snacks.
  • Coconut & Til Chutney-Kharda (50g): Use it as an accompaniment with your daily meals or serve it with parathas, dosas, vada pans, or almost anything to add a little crunch and a lot of taste to your food.
  • Buni Ka Masala (75g): This masala is a chaat masala with the digestive twist, it has got chatpata flavor from black rock salt & pink salt. It not only aids in digestion but also enhances the flavor of any food item.

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Coconut & Til Chutney Buni Ka Masala Peanut & Imli Chutney
Groundnuts Black Rock Salt Tamarind
Sesame Seeds Pink Salt Jaggery
Flaxseed Asafoetida Groundnut
Coconut Peppercorn Til
Groundnut oil Cumin Asafoetida
Onions Fenugreek
Green Chillies Groundnut Oil
Corriander leaves Green Chilli
Curry leaves Red Chilli
Cumin Curry leaves
Mustard Seed Salt
Garlic cloves

Additional Information

  • These are preservative-free & does not contain any added flavors.
  • Shelf Life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing for Coconut & til chutney & Buni ka Masala.
  • Shelf Life is 3 months from the date of manufacturing for Peanut & Imli Chutney
  • We recommend refrigeration for Peanut & Imli Chutney.
  • They can be customized too.

2 reviews for Health Box

  1. Reena Sethi

    The health box is the perfect gift and a trial pack. Most recommended.

  2. Ishwari

    This is a perfect gift to the food lovers! I have it daily as a sider with dal & rice + parathas. It is yummy!!

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