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Haldi is not only an excellent antiseptic but also anti-inflammatory and is full of antioxidants.




Turmeric aka Haldi is a superfood and is full of health benefits. It is a gift to mankind. It is a must-have on our kitchen shelf. Haldi is an excellent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and is full of antioxidants. Not to forget, Ayurveda says that Haldi is the best immunity booster. It helps in detoxification and to some extent in weight loss too.

Turmeric aka Haldi is the superfood. It is a common name in Indian households. This is the must-have spice in our kitchen. We use it extensively in the Indian curries and vegetables. However, very few of us know the health benefits of this super spice. It is golden yellow in color and gives a glorious golden color to our curries. The food not only looks appealing but it also provides immense health benefits as well. Turmeric is an excellent antibiotic. Use it to apply on wounds and see its magic. The turmeric is used for curing internal and external inflammations in our bodies. Turmeric also helps relieve pain, aids digestion, and helps in weight loss. It is a perfect immunity booster. In the days of Covid Pandemic, it is highly recommended by doctors.

Add Haldi in your daily meal, or drink it in a form of tea as it is full of health benefits. To know more read Turmeric-The super food

A healthy dose of turmeric is 2g per person per day. The best way to ingest that is by drinking turmeric tea just before bed-time. Read more at Turmeric Tea – The Magic Potion


Additional Information

  • It does not contain any added flavor & color.
  • It is high in Curcumin.
  • Shelf Life is 12 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Store in a dry & cool place.
  • Homegrown Haldi in the farms of Wai.

6 reviews for Haldi

  1. Amit

    Healthy & natural products. Good for Home use.

  2. Manpreet Singh

    Amazing product. You can feel the purity of fields in it.

  3. Tanushi Mehrotra

    Excellent masala…. very pure… I made veg kebabs and t was awesome.

  4. Tanushi Mehrotra

    Haldi is very pure … very little is required in curries .

  5. Birinder Singh Malhi

    Very nice taste

  6. Arun Gupta (verified owner)

    This is not a paid review. I am a genuine customer of the Indian Queen. Haldi is my first order. Apart from the normal use of haldi I also add it in the milk. The haldi that we get in the market always left lot of residue behind as if the residue was mixed to add to the weight of the product. I am talking about reputed brands. I will not take any names. We can’t even imagine the after effects of this residue on our health. But the haldi from the Indian Queen did not left almost any residue. Purity speaks for itself. I am looking forward to other products as well especially heeng. I hope you add it in your catalog soon. Satisfied customer. Keep it up.

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