April 15, 2020

The Indian Queen is a strong believer in 3Rs Theory, which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. At the time of global warming, we all are fighting with climate change which is happening due to bad waste management by each one of us. The best way to save our Planet & its environment is the use of this powerful theory.

Rumi once said “Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself”. So apt for us to adopt what Rumi said. Time to change ourselves, time to use our mind in reducing, reusing and recycling so that we can give a better environment to our gen-next.

At The Indian Queen, we use glass jars to sell our products because we want you to Reduce the usage of plastic. Since we all know-how is for our environment, the best practice that can be followed by us is to buy products in glass jars and use cloth material wherever possible. Reusing the products and not wasting them by throwing them in the garbage is another useful way to save our environment. The glass jars can be reused for various purposes. You can refill the masalas, pickles, spices, and various other kitchen products. Recycle the glass jars by making some suitable stuff out of them for your home/office. Make beautiful tea light holders, planters, decorative pieces, and bathroom accessory with these glass jars.

We bring to you how you can recycle them.

Tea Light Holder: if you wish, you can paint the jar from inside or outside with the colour of your choice. You can decorate the neck of the jar with jute rope, wool or ribbon. We have decorated the neck, however, if you wish, you can also use the same at the bottom too. After the jar is painted, you can add a small candle in it and the tea light holder is ready.

The tea light holder made by recycling the TIQ jar

Planter: Add the soil or water to the tall jars to plant the climbers. We have planted the same in the water & it has improved the aesthetic look of our bathroom. Plant the succulents in the salsa jar. Colour them or leave them transparent. You can even opt to fill the pebbles in the jar before planting.

A money plant in the tall jar

Decorative Piece: Paint the glass jar from inside and decorate it using fevicryl colours or acrylic colours. We have done a small mandala art on the jar, however, the creativity has the sky as a limit.

The decorated jar of TIQ, adorned in the living room

Bathroom Accessory: We have used the glass jar to store the cotton pads that we often use to clean our faces. Rather than keeping them in the plastic or in a bowl, you can recycle the jar to make them the cotton buds/pads holder. It looks beautiful in our bathroom.

Our jars are useful in bathrooms too

These are some of the ideas however you can use your creativity and recycle the jars the way you want.

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