March 10, 2019

The Indian Food is famous for its rich colors and flavors. The spices are an integral part of our kitchens. Their unique aroma and taste is the secret behind the finger-licking food that the world loves. India is world’s spice basket. In fact almost half of the world’s spices are produced in India. We all love our spices, however, a few of us know that the ugly truth behind our much adored kitchen staples. The monster lurking in our kitchen shelves is the adulteration rampant in most spices.

Adulteration could be any foreign item which may be added to the food item to enhance its look, texture, weight or general properties. The main reason for adulteration is to increase profits, however, this is an epidemic and causes severe health issues including stomach infection or ulcers, diarrhea, food allergies and infections to name a few. Artificial colors, brick powder, cow dung, wood powder, papaya seeds, animal poop are just a few names in the long list of adulterants.

The only way to protect our loved one’s is through awareness. Knowledge is indeed power. We need to purchase spices from reputed sellers who have the required approvals and licenses. As far as possible, loose spices should be avoided. They open spices may appear cheaper, but their cost to health and hygiene is far more expensive.

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