Buni Ka Masala Food Salt
July 17, 2020

Do you know what keeps your tummy happy & content? Undoubtedly, it’s the good sumptuous food but also, “what we eat” keeps the tummy healthy. Yes! You read it right. The cool and light stomach will be happy all the time if we eat the right food. In turn, the whole health system will work well as the digestion is been taken care of.

Well! the next question is how can we do that? The best way is to introduce the season’s produce in your daily eating regime, eating locally grown food, and adding the right spices in your meal. Spices play an important role in keeping the stomach smooth. One of the best blends that can be used in daily routine is our Buni Ka masala Akka food salt or digestive salt. The benefits of food salt are what we are going to read now.

I got introduced to this salt when I was fairly young. Since then the jar of Buni ka Masala is a must in my kitchen. At the inception of The Indian Queen, adding this masala was on my list as it has many medicinal qualities. This digestive salt is prepared by Suman Aunty, the recipe is passed down by her family and is named after her family member, popularly known as Buni.

Buni Ka Masala is made using black rock salt, pink salt, asafoetida, black pepper, and cumin. Each of these ingredients is rich in the digestive properties. The benefits are numerous, for instance, black salt keeps the bloating away, cumin is good at cooling the stomach, black pepper is rich in antioxidants, asafoetida aids digestion and pink salt regulate blood sugar. Indeed, the ingredients make it a  powerful masala which fights with the anti-digestive bugs in our food and also in our tummy.

This food salt can be used in the number of ways:
1.  Mix it in your lemonade,
2. Sprinkle it on the fruit salad
3. Add them to your favorite Raita
4.  Even in your daily portion of lentils & curries.
5.  It is a perfect combination w
ith caraway seeds, if your stomach is hurting because of indigestion.

Benefits of Digestive Salt

Ah!! The uses are endless and the benefits are numerous.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your jar of good digestion now! ( https://www.theindianqueen.in/?product=buni-ka-masala )

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