June 27, 2022

Did you know that Pickling was not originated in India. It was most likely originated in ancient Mesopotamia near 2400 BCE. There is archaeological evidence stating that cucumbers were pickled in or near the Tigris valley in 2030 BCE.

Pickling was used to preserve food for use out of season and for lengthy trips, particularly by sea. Before the invention of steam engines, sailors relied on salt pork and salt beef as there main source of food on their voyage. Although the method was created to preserve goods, pickles are also prepared and enjoyed for the tastes they produce. These delicious condiments have bacteria that produce a boat load of vitamin B which is great for brain function and cell metabolism. The word pickle is used all over the world in different contexts. Like in U.S, Australia, Canada and Zealand the word pickle almost always refers to pickled cucumbers. The same way in U.K a pickle is a cheese and pickle sandwich, but can also be used to mention the Ploughman’s pickle which is a type of British chutney.

India has different types of Pickles from different regions so we use various types of ingredients for different seasons. There are quite a lot of famous Pickles in India. In Hindi, the Pickles are called Achars but as there are different languages all over India it is referred to in different ways. We use Ingredients like mangoes, mustard oil, chilli , lemon, eggplant ,ginger, limes, fennel ,fenugreek, Lotus root, carrot, green mango, green chillies and peppercorn’s ,but, there are many other ingredients also used in different recipes from other regions of India. There are 2 main types of Pickles in India one made of mustard oil or sesame oil and the other made of salt or vinegar.

Pickles from north India to South India may vary in flavour like a mango Pickles from South India may taste extremely different from the one made in north India. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are famous for this spicy Pickles whereas Tamil Nadu make a delicious mango pickle which is usually made in early summer where the mangoes are raw and quite short. In Gujarat unripe mangoes lemon and green chilies are commonly used key ingredients in their cuisine so this specifies that the taste and flavour of the Pickles may vary from different parts of India.

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