Sambar Masala
September 3, 2020

When we think of southern India, the first thing that comes to our mind is their ever tasty Sambar-dosa or Idli Sambar. Sambar doesn’t need any introduction. It is apparently the most famous Indian food worldwide. To our surprise, it tastes different in each state. Isn’t it interesting? No doubt it is the King of Curries.

The Interesting Fact

The interesting fact about Sambar is that it belongs to Marathas. It is believed, that back in 17th Sanctuary, the Thanjavur Marathas brought it in their kitchens.

Thanjavur Maratha-Shahuji once stepped into the kitchen to make Amti (a very tasty lentil preparation from Maharashtra). However, instead of Moong daal he used Tur daal. Since he was in Tamil land, he didn’t have kokum, so used tamarind pulp instead. Everyone in the courtroom liked this preparation. Sambhaji, son of Shivaji Maharaj was the guest for lunch that day and therefore in his honor, the invented preparation was named Sambar.

However, some claim that it was first made by Sambhaji itself in his kitchen, Honestly, we do not know the exact truth, but Marathas has given us one of the best preparations. Since then it has evolved, from palate to palate, from borders to borders, and from states to states. The journey to down south is incomplete without tasting their sambar and buying their sambar masala. It goes so well with dosa, idli, vada, and rice.

Sambar Masala

Road to Sambar Journey

It is strange that there are more than 30 varieties of sambar that you can find in India but interestingly, they all are vegetarians. People are still not comfortable experimenting it using the meat. Let us take you on a short journey of different states.

Karnataka: The roasted daals and spices are used to make this aromatic masala. In Karnataka cuisine, they use cinnamon in the masala. They use jaggery and sometimes fresh coconut in their sambar too.

Tamil Nadu: the place where the Marathas invented Sambar, calls it as parupu kuzhambu. This means lentils with mixed vegetable gravy. They too use the sambar powder for the cooking along with the toasted coconut. The gravy is a little thicker than the Rasam.

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana: The Andhra style one is watery and they do not use any coconut however, they have more chilies and are spicy.

Kerala: The Kerala one is made using coconut oil. The coconut is used in abundance. They use tamarind water instead of tamarind pulp in their sambar.

Our aromatic Sambar Masala comes from Janhavi’s house in Mysore. She prepares this tasty masala using the ingredients like bengal gram, Urad daal , Corriander seeds, Guntur chili, Byadgi chili, Fenugreek, asafoetida, Cinnamon, Curry leaves. Do try it yourself to believe what we say.

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