The Chutney from Maharshtra
December 3, 2020

The humble chutney is an integral part of our meals. They not only add yummy flavor, texture too to our meals. For example, Our crispy dosa is incomplete without a spoon full of coconut chutney. Our samosa definitely needs its famous sweet imli chutney to tickle our taste buds. Green chutney is a must with the dhokla. So no matter what state you belong to, chutney is an essential condiment on your dining table. Each chutney has a unique flavor and texture, which makes it special. The chutneys are not only regional but seasonal too. They are made using the local produce of the season therefore they are called the humble chutney.

Panchmarut, the celebrated Chutney
The Panchamrut: A celebrated Chutney from Maharashtra


There are various findings on Chutney. One of the most common one is dated to 500 BC. It was first made in India. It can be a combination of one or more produces, which makes it distinctive. This is the sole reason that when Britisher ruled India they took chutneys back to Britain. Later it reached to Caribbean islands, South Africa and many more countries. And christened it to Relish.

The Chutney Tour

Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and sugar are used to make the humble chutney. They are made using the raw ingredients. Sometimes they are cooked to perfection. The chutney takes up different forms as it moves across India.

The Northern Delight

The people from Punjab & Uttar Pradesh like to eat coriander & mint chutney and tamarind chutney too(popularly known as Saunth). Our chats are incomplete without these chutneys. The Kashmiris like pumpkin chutney & radish and walnut chutney. Their Wazwan can have a number of permutations and combinations of ingredients to make some of the awesome chutneys.

The Western Taste

Its not wrong to say that people from Gujarat and Rajasthan love to eat and make delicious food. Their chutneys are special. Lahsun ni chutney goes along with the meals in Gujarat. The saambar or pickle masala https://www.theindianqueen.in/?product=pickle-masala-a-gujarati-dry-chutney is a multi use chutney that goes well with dhoklas and meals. In Rajasthan, their meals are incomplete without Kachri ki Chutney. The fiery Laalmirch ki Chutney is one more famous chutney in the state. The Maharashtrian chutneys are crunchy as they use peanuts in them. Panchamrut (https://www.theindianqueen.in/?product=panchamrut-is-a-peanut-imli-chutney ) is celebrated chutney of the state. Peanut chutney with some garlic is deliciously crunchy. It goes well with pithala bhakri.

Sambaar or the pickle masala from  Gujarat.
The Spicy & Tangy Pickle Masala from Gujarat

The Southern Stars

The famous coconut chutney has already travelled the world and is like a trophy to us. One more chutney which is a must try in Tamil Nadu is Thakkali chutney (tomato chutney). In Andhra Pradesh, a tangy Gongura Chutney is made with ambada leaves. Karnataka’s garlic chutney is a must eat with the kannadiga meals. Not to forget Podi chutney goes well with all food in the south Indian states. They are made with the Daal, curry leaves and sometimes drumstick leaves. The perfect example of “health bhi, khana bhi”.

The Chutneys from East

Bengalis love to eat tomato khejur chutney. The tomato chutney is called Belahi’r Chutney in Assam. The cooking style of both the chutneys are different. Assamese make chickpea chutney, known as Butor Chutney.

India is a diversified state not only in culture, in food too. Our foods are incomplete without the taste of the humble chutney. They are the Jaan of all our meals.

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